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Clinical studies



Studies carried out on dogs with osteoarthritis

Study carried out under vet supervision based on the valid test for chronic pain and treatment in dogs with osteoarthritis (CBPI), in which the dogs were given Ovopet®-based chondroprotective snacks for 60 days. Visible and statistically significant results were achieved, with a 31% reduction in pain and 36% increase in overall activity, noticeably improving the quality of life of these pets.

Study in trotter horses

A study in trotter horses was performed by one of the most prestigious veterinary teams of Europe employing innovative techniques to measure the lamness and pain. The study demonstrated that Ovopet® is a highly effective product for decreasing lameness, showing more than a 20% of lameness decline in 60 days of treatment. The objective and innovative pain measurement showed a decrease of 20% in pain in horses intaking Ovopet® compared to the placebo group.

Taking all together, the intake of Ovopet® favours a better sports performance of horses, thanks to its ability to decrease lameness and pain.

Diet with placebo

Study with a double-blind placebo performed in collaboration with vet clinics to assess the effectiveness of Ovopet® snacks on dogs with hip dysplasia. Under vet observation and supervision, among other tests, measurements were taken of the muscular perimeter (cm), the degree of extension-flex, blood tests with inflammatory markers and hip ultrasound scans, in which a reduction of joint space (cm) of around 50% was observed following treatment, with an overall improvement of the pets’ condition at almost 40%.

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