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People suffering from osteoarthritis with moderate pain, runners and cross-fitters

Recent double blind and placebo controlled studies have demonstrated pain decreases of 28% in 5 days in people practising moderate physical activity, while no benefits were observed in the placebo group. These decreases in pain after 50 days of treatment have reached a 50% in runners and a 60% in athletes who practice crossfit.

In addition to the joint improvement regarding pain, stiffness and function, it has been shown that Ovomet® prevents injuries in tendons and ligaments due to its ability to increase its elasticity compared to a placebo group by 40%.

So ovomet® helps to maintain a regular physical activity and to decrease the risk of injury.

People suffering from osteoarthritis with severe pain

A study performed in an specialised clinic with osteoarthritis diagnosed elderly patients showed that the daily intake of 300mg of Ovomet® during 50 days decreased pain more than 40% and improved joint stiffness a 60%. All the measurements followed standardised and validated methods.

Afterwards a double blind and placebo controlled studied was performed with elderly people with physical limitations. The study showed a pain decrease of 40% and an improvement in tendon elasticity of 48% (in Achilles tendon) compared to the placebo group.

To summarize, the increase in the tendons elasticity allowed the patients to increase their physical activity and to provide them with a greater degree of autonomy and thus significantly improving their quality of life.

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