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Skin, hair, nails

Skin, hair and nails

Trial based on the daily consumption of 300mg Ovomet® capsules. After 50 days of treatment, results reveal a very high percentage (90%) of individuals with perceived improvement to the state and health of their skin, over 65% highlight improvements of their hair, mentioning factors such as hydration, firmness, and around 50% in nails, indicating improvements in the strength and growth speed of their nails.

Improvement in skin’s health which translates into a more rejuvenated and healthy look in people with normal or altered skin.

A double blind and placebo controlled study was carried out by the dermatology department of a prestigious clinic by using the most advanced technology. The daily intake of 300mg Ovoderm® demonstrated:

  • A decrease in transepidermal waterloss of 20%
  • An increase in face skin elasticity of 25%
  • An improvement in firmness of 50%
  • A decline in the skin’s fatigue effect higher than 30%

The above stated improvements were even better for women over 50 years old. Face skin appearance was younger and the reduction of wrinkles was clearly demonstrated by pictures taken before and after the treatment. The intake of Ovoderm® was shown as a very effective anti-aging treatment.

Another double blind and placebo study was performed to evaluate the effectiveness of Ovoderm® for the skin’s health. After 60 days of Ovoderm® intake, patients with skin categorised as affected-normal reached values of healthy-very healthy while the placebo group continued in the initial skin values of normal-affected. The skin health improvement was accompained by:

  • The increase of the skin’s barrier function of 40%.
  • The improvement in elasticity of 13%.
  • The increase of firmness of 66% .
  • The decline in the skin’s fatigue effect of 36%.

These studies allow to conclude that the improvement in the external appearance of the skin of the patients is a consequence of the restitution of the skin health and of changes occuring in the more internal layers of the skin.

Dermal follow-up

Weekly facial analysis with the dermo-analyser MSD 800 in which three biophysical markers are assessed (hydration, pigmentation and elasticity). Following the daily administration of 300 mg Ovomet® for 5 weeks, there was a marked improvement in elasticity from the second week, reaching extraordinarily good levels by the end of the trial, with improvements of around 15%.

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