Ovomet®: Joints

Ovomet®: Joints

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Clinical studies



People suffering from osteoarthritis with moderate pain, runners and cross-fitters

Studies carried out on people suffering from osteoarthritis, and athletes, based on standardised methods approved by international bodies (WOMAC, DASH), achieving statistically very significant results.

  • Following 10 days of daily consumption of Ovomet®, positive effects were already perceivable, with an overall improvement of joints by 36%, revealing its high short-term effectiveness.
  • After 50 days of treatment, values of up to 68% were registered in the overall improvement of joints in runners, and 48% in people practising cross-fit

People suffering from osteoarthritis with severe pain

Study performed in an independent specialised clinic. The study group were: elderly patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis, taking Ovomet® 300mg for 50 days.

Study based on standardised methods, approved by international bodies (WOMAC) as well as on-site medical visits.

There was a notable reduction of almost 60% in stiffness and 49% in pain by the end of the treatment, considerably improving the quality of life of this demographic.

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